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So awhile back I had posted a demo of a soundbank I was working on, and well I have finally got enough presets created myself for a nice little pack and since I got some good feed back here from some people I figured I'd come back and update NG.

The sound bank contains 40 .fxp files (30 leads, 10 bass synths) requires Sylenth1 2.2

I'm selling this preset pack for $25.00 CDN, I am accepting payments via Paypal.

If anyone is interested in picking up this pack from me you can contact me at either my facebook or email. r
Clayfacer (at) hotmail (dot) ca

Demo of the presets. /464238

Well I figure I would just let everyone know what is up over in Clayface land.

First of all, I won't be submitting any audio to the portal anymore, I'm done with it. If you want to hear my music, you can do so by checking my Soundcloudor my Youtubechannel. Add me on Facebookfor updates on my irl life and music shit all that lalala land stuff fo sho.

Aaaaand that's it. I still lurk the forums here every now and then, I just don't bother to post my music here. If you reeeeaaaaally wanna hear my music check the soundcloud and youtube links.

Below are the following labels I have tracks released and soon to be released under. Good year for Clayface me thinks.


Clayfacer singles currently released/soon to be released under:

Fired Up Records
Pandemic Digital
Solar Digital
Electrik Shandy Recordings
Metamorph Recordings
Transfixion Digital
Encoded Digital
Bleach Recordings
Extra Records
Fevah NZ


Newgrounds, we need to talk.

2010-08-05 23:30:25 by mmmburgers

I'm sorry bb, but things are just not working out anymore... I hate to say it, but I've been starting to see other people. I met some really nice ones as well, they treat me good. I love you NGAP but you treat me so bad at times, you make me feel unloved.... I have now found someone who shows me love, her name is Youtube.

I am calling our relationship off, no more, none, done. Goodbye Newgrounds Audio Portal, it's over.


Dj Clayface presents, Beyond Compulsion.

2010-04-02 19:21:11 by mmmburgers

Hey guys, just thought that I would give you a little heads up on what I've been doing the past month. But if you didn't know, I am in the production of making an album.

The album will be a spring 2010 release (Expect it sometime this month), there will be 12 songs featured on the album. (A few of my classic songs, remix, remasterd, and re-awesome-a-fied). As for pricing goes, it will probably be 10 dollars, but i'll keep you guys updated on that.

Special thanks to Axeradier for making the MAD PIMP album design.


Add me on MSN if you like.

Follow me on twitter, I will be updating as much as possible. @Clayfac3r me if you want me to follow you back.

Dj Clayface presents, Beyond Compulsion.

Fuck you, Newgrounds.

2010-02-03 00:29:10 by mmmburgers

Fuck you Newgrounds, this is the last fucking straw. I am tried of being fucking rejected because of your shitty voting system. For two years I have dealt with this shit, this is the last straw. I work my ass off as hard as can, putting well over 10 hours of work into my tracks. Hoping to open the eyes of many to other music genres (Because this place is littered dwith the Generic Dance music EVERYOEN does). I work my ass off day in and day out to near perfection of what I think should most definitly deserve to be heard. With all the hard work I've put into it, I think it deserves some coverage.

But NO NO NO!!! IT DOESNT WORK LIKE THAT!!! NOT ON NEWGROUNDS!!! Cause the only music that will get heard are the ones that are LUCKY, not by the ones who actually deserve it, but by the ones that so happen to survive the never ending wave of zero bombers. Which PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF. All that hard work put into tracks, only to find it has a score of 2.10 the next day. It's surely annoying, which is bringing me closer and closer to not even post my music on Newgrounds anymore.

I'm fed up with zerobombers, I look at my newgrounds everyday, only to see ALL of my scores drop each time I log in. Which leads me (and I'm sure many of you other NG artists do thos too) vote 5 on my own songs to bring the score up past 3.00. It's something thats annoying and getting worse each day on Newgrounds.

So as that said, I am giving up on getting top 5. I'm tried of putting all the work into getting votes and people to review my songs. Only to see that it gets bombed multiple times before they reset top 5. So for now, I'm not even going to try, so if you ever see one of my songs on Top 5 (which is something I doubt will ever happen) it will have been by luck.

Thank you, that is all. Fuck you, Newgrounds.


Thank you, thank you!

2010-02-02 20:19:25 by mmmburgers

Attention everybody, Clayface has offially passes 100 favorites for people who have on their favorite artists list!!!


Thank you, thank you.

*Epic Cheer*

No, no pictures, please! But thanks anyway! Thank you thank you!

*epic silence*

....KAY BYE!!!!

*runs away*

Well first of all, I just really really want to give thanks to ALL my fans every single one of you. ALL you guys are the reason why I'm still making music. Thanks for all the reviews I've gotten through out the 2009 year. I've made so many good tracks this year, and it was all thanks to the fans who motivated me to produce more and more.

2009 has been a great for music, I uploaded almost 60 audio submissions for 2009 alone. I have a goal to upload at least more than 70+ Audio Submissions for 2010. We'll see how that goes.

And also for 2010 I've got plans for a Official Album release. Not sure when... But It might drop sometime late 2010. (I know i said the EXACT same shit for 2009 but this time I'm serious) I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on when (or if) a album will be relased.

But really, thanks again guys. Keep the reviews coming alright! And i'll be sure to keep the music coming too! ^.^

Thanks for reading.

Love, Clayface.


2009-11-25 07:37:08 by mmmburgers

Okay, well i think I'm slowly breaking out of my writers block. I think... I actually have a couple of songs in the making right now. One tune is a electro style tune. (LOLWAT CLAYFACE IS MAKING ELECTRO!?!?!?!) So yeah, keep checkin back here for updates on that. And the other tune is going to be a remix of Dido's - Thank You. I was jaming out to this other remix of that tune, and it inspired me to make my own :D.

But yeah, thats all i really have to say. If you actually read this all... Thanks man! Really appreciate it. :)


This sucks.

2009-11-14 05:37:55 by mmmburgers

I have writers block again, it's really really gay. Seriously i just cant make ANYTHING at all. I try and try and try to make something thats at least somewhat decent but shiiii. I JUST CANT agrhhh. So yeah, don't mind if i dont be posting anything up lately. This is why.



2009-11-04 03:53:53 by mmmburgers

Well looks like 2009 has been a great year for music production. Got ALOT of good tracks out, and with 2 months left to go. I think i may be able to squeeze in another few epic Clayface songs. We'll see how that goes! Sure hope 2010 will be just as good.