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This sucks.

2009-11-14 05:37:55 by mmmburgers

I have writers block again, it's really really gay. Seriously i just cant make ANYTHING at all. I try and try and try to make something thats at least somewhat decent but shiiii. I JUST CANT agrhhh. So yeah, don't mind if i dont be posting anything up lately. This is why.



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2009-11-14 15:25:42

Eh, you could try remixing one of your earlier songs. By the way, your piano solo of Etarded is awesome!

I dunno, I hate writer's block. Every time I upload I have writers block for at least a couple of weeks. My music fuel tank has horrible gas mileage and takes ages to fill up.. Good thing mind fuel is free or else I wouldn't be able to pay my tuition..