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Thanks for all the support guys. 2009 has been a great year for music.

2009-12-29 05:10:10 by mmmburgers

Well first of all, I just really really want to give thanks to ALL my fans every single one of you. ALL you guys are the reason why I'm still making music. Thanks for all the reviews I've gotten through out the 2009 year. I've made so many good tracks this year, and it was all thanks to the fans who motivated me to produce more and more.

2009 has been a great for music, I uploaded almost 60 audio submissions for 2009 alone. I have a goal to upload at least more than 70+ Audio Submissions for 2010. We'll see how that goes.

And also for 2010 I've got plans for a Official Album release. Not sure when... But It might drop sometime late 2010. (I know i said the EXACT same shit for 2009 but this time I'm serious) I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on when (or if) a album will be relased.

But really, thanks again guys. Keep the reviews coming alright! And i'll be sure to keep the music coming too! ^.^

Thanks for reading.

Love, Clayface.


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2010-01-27 23:36:06

You are one of the most under rated here and I would buy your album in a heartbeat, let me know as soon as that thing comes out!


2010-01-31 22:48:11

What program do you use?

mmmburgers responds:

Fl Studio 9. :D