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Thank you to Mr. Nexus for creating muh awesome header and shit shit shit. Looks great aye?

Okay well... I'm fucking bored. So you know what time it is? Time to make a new update on the life that is Clayface. Well first of all, about the music: I don't really have any new original tracks right now, but i do have some originals that have been in production for some time now. (Projects that i started in April... Still not finish to this day. Pathetic T_T). One of the new projects is the new Above Clouds 4.0 I think you guys will like this one. It has the same fast feel as Above Clouds 3.0, if you've been a fan of the Above Clouds serries (Which i doubt you have XD) This new one, 4.0, should be a nice treat to you. That is... When ever i actually get that shit done. And I'm also going to finish up what i started some time ago, entitled The Ecstasy Mix I'm going to redo the current songs in the mix (Will you try ecstasy + Have you tried ecstasy) And get em redone, remastered, just to give it that extra BAM! So expect that sometime soon. At this very moment, I'm trying to make a new kick ass original. But its kinda... Got me stumped. Meh oh well.

Oh yeah, and about my Youtube Channel, Thats if you guys are acttually a fan of it. If you are, thats great! If your not, you should check it out. I got some video tutorials on making melodies and such. I'm also going to put up a serries of "Putting a song together". But I've just been fucking lazy ass, and havent gotten around to doing that. But i'll get that shit done soon, hopefully. And I'll get out some more melody tutorials. It seems like alot of people lile those... Hmm. But yeah, If you have a youtube channel i say you should subscribe to me. Because you love me. Mhm.

And another thing, I'm actually thinking of getting some T-Shirts produced. But it'll probably be a local thing, meaning the shirts will only be avalable to people in my area (Lethbridge, Ablerta). BUT If your really a die hard fan of my (Which again, i doubt) and if you really really honestly want a T-Shirt your going to pay a little extra (Only to cover shipping charges). But dont get to excited okay! Because I'm not even sure if i'm going to get these shirts produced.

And another another note, this has nothing to do with music. But me and my girlfriend (Massielle Moreira <3 ) are going on to 10 months! (As of September 30th, 2009) Almost there baby! We can make it. I love you Massielle! Hehe. Oh yeah, speaking of which, i really think you guys should go take a listen to my song Love you Massielle. It's a really epic song, I'd say probably one of my best of 2009. So yeah, i think you guys should totally you know... Go review it =).

But yeah, if you actually read all this crap i wrote out, thanks! If not, fuck you, asswipes! Thats all i really gotta say for now. Will be posting new originals sometime soon. So stay tuned okay! Also my site has been really really dead. Check it out sometime, its really outdated (I know on the said i was going to update it every day... But thats a load of BULL - SHIT Hahaha). But take a look, if i get more traffic, then i'll update it more often to keep you guys entertained. Join my forums too. =) Thanks for reading!


Oh yeah, add me on MSN too. So we can chat it up, and be bestest buddies XD

Made a new account!

2009-07-22 19:11:27 by mmmburgers

Hey guys, just letting you know that i made a new account. I will be uploading my songs onto that one instead of this one.

My new newgrounds account Clayface023

So if you can, re add me to your favorite artists list, thats if you want to. Thanks


New website!

2009-06-11 22:07:57 by mmmburgers

Hey guys, if you can. Please register and post in my forums! Thanks.

Ooooo hai der!

2009-06-06 19:29:01 by mmmburgers

Sup guys, add me up on MSN messenger!


A Little Update -

2009-02-23 22:44:52 by mmmburgers

Well first of all, i am back into music production. I am trying my best to release a new original by the end of this month. So, stay tuned for that. And yes, i have got some working headphones finally. its all good. Umm, yeah i've already released a few more tracks go listen if you havent already. Yeah, thats all i really gotta say. Stay tuned a new CLAYFACE ORIGNAL will be released by the end of this month!

-Dj Clayface

Plans for 2009?

2009-02-01 01:34:36 by mmmburgers

Okay well.... heres what i've got planned for 2009. Hopefully alot more tracks will be released this year, more orignals than remixes. Oh and if you didnt know already, I am going to be releasing an album this year. But it probably wont be untill late late 2009. If im going to release an album its gotta be perfect you know? Oh and i've decided that i will be making another version of Above Clouds, this will be the final version. The reason why i keep making above clouds is because it has to be one of my favorite songs, and when ever i remix it, it sounds good. But then two months later i say "Oh no no no, it sounds bad. i definitly need to re-do that part" So yes, Above Clouds 4.0 will be released this year. Thats something to be excited about.

Oh, this is only temporary, but I AM putting all music production on hold untill i can get some better sounding headphones. The ones i have are shite. So hopefully i'll be able to get some new headphones and get back on track with making music. And yeah, thats why there hasnt been much music released latley. But i'm trying my best to get money and saving up, i'll get headpones soon.

Oh and i'd liked to say THANKS, thank you everybody for listening to my Harder Better Faster Stronger Remix. I honestly didnt think this song would be so popular. But its my most popular song on newgrounds. I'm glad all you guys like it. Thanks for listening, dont forget to add me to your favorite artists list!!!!

Well thats all really i got to say... Stay tuned, listen / rate / review my songs that i have now. I'm pretty sure you'll like them! Oh and also, my goal of 2009 is to get one of my songs on top 5 of the week! So please, my fans, help me out? It would really mean alot to me if you did, i've been trying to get top 5 of the week for about a year. And i still havent got it yet =(. So if you can, help me out vote fair on my music. I honestly think some of my songs do deserve top 5 of the week, but them damn zero bombers... Aghh. Oh well, ANYWAYS yes thats everything. Theres my plans for 2009.

-Dj Clayface

Aghh... Making music is hard.

2008-12-29 23:09:23 by mmmburgers

Okay so yeah, i havent really been productive latley with my music tracks. Its just... i havent been able to complete a full song. I always just make little short melodies but i never ever turn them into songs. But i DO have something in progress. Expect it to be released hopfully before January 09. Yeah yeah, thats a long time, but it will be worth the wait. Personaly the song that is in production right now i think this one will sound BETTER than Above Clouds 3.0 . BUT WHO KNOWS? Thats up to you guys to decide. Well yeah just an update on whats going on. Check out my tracks, vote, and review. Thanks!

-Dj Clayface

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2008-08-30 06:12:50 by mmmburgers

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